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Top Five Fat Burners for Women: a Personal Perspective

Fat Burners for Women

Let me begin by saying, I am fairly tall (5’8″), and not slim by any means, but I am not fat either and don’t need any kind of fat burners. I am what you might call “full figured.” I have curves, and yes, I rather like them.

I have a somewhat large frame for a woman, and very dense bones. My weight tends to fluctuate a bit at times, but generally stays between 160 and 180 pounds. According to my weight is normal. In fact, according to them, when I hit 160, I am actually underweight. So ladies, things have obviously changed!

I remember being told when I was younger that I should weigh between 120 and 150, and I did maintain those levels for some time in my youth, but I did not feel “healthy”. I feel much healthier at 160 or more, but never feel well at all if I get much below 150.

Oddly, the foods I eat most are on the Women’s Health Top 15 fat burning foods list. WH says that most of these foods either burn fat, build muscles, satiate hunger, end cravings, and/or boost metabolism. They are as follows:

1. Eggs – I love eggs. I eat them just about any way they can be prepared, and when I run out for a few days, I feel bad. Yes, I actually miss them, but I also lose precious energy it seems.

2. Peanut Butter – I am the same way with regard to this one as I am with eggs. I can’t get enough, and will always eat a spoonful or two if I need energy.

3. Beans – Pinto, and Navy, or White Northern beans are my favorite, but I will eat most any bean. Where I grew up…we had to, and still do.

4. Fruit – Now according WH, the best fruits are berries and grapefruit, but my favorites are oranges, tangerines, and any and all berries. I love all fruits, and would probably be a “fruitetarian,” if I could afford to do so.

5. Green Tea – Though Women’s Health mentions Green Tea, and I do drink that on occasion, what I truly drink are “green teas”, meaning many of the various herbal teas. A lot of these do indeed taste very “green,” and I think that should count.

Those are my personal top 5 fat burning foods, but apparently Women’s Health, and the current health trend in normal weight for Health Central seem to agree with me that they do indeed work, and work well. I know a few of these foods may surprise some people, but as long as you’re active, eggs and peanut butter do not a “fatty” make.

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